◆AAW(Pro Wrestling Redefined)
Windy City Classic III 11/24/07(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 6/21/08
Night of Vengeance 10/24/09(一部のみ)
War is Coming 11/20/09(一部のみ)
Defing Moment:Fade to Black 9/24/10
Best of AAW 2010
Defining Moment 9/30/11(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/28/11(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2011
Path of Redemption 2/24/12(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/21/12(一部のみ)
Day of Difiance 5/19/12(一部のみ)
Bound by Hate 6/22/12(一部のみ)
Scars and Stripe 7/21/12(一部のみ)
Reign of Violence 8/24/12(一部のみ)
Defining Moment 9/21/12(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/26/12(一部のみ)
Windy City Classic 8 11/24/12(一部のみ)
Durty Deeds 2/10/13(一部のみ)
EPIC 3/23/13(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/12/13(一部のみ)
Day of Defiance 5/17/13(一部のみ)
Defining Moment 9/27/13(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/25/13(一部のみ)
The Chaos Theory 1/24/14(一部のみ)
EPIC 10 Year Anniversary 3/21/14(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/11/14(一部のみ)
Day of Defiance Results 5/2/14(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2014
The Art Of War 2/28/15(一部のみ)
EPIC:The 11 Year Anniversary Event 3/21/15(一部のみ)
Hell Hath No Fury 4/10/15(一部のみ)
Never Say Die 6/11/15(一部のみ)
Bound by Hate 8/9/15(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2015
Best of AAW 2016
Best of AAW 2016 part.2
Best of AAW 2017
Best of AAW 2017 part.2
Best of AAW 2018
◆AIW(Absolute Intense Wrestling)
Tomorrow Never Dies 9/30/07
Best of AIW 2009
Absolution V 6/27/10
Gauntlet for the Gold 2/18/11
TPI 2011 Day One 5/20/11
TPI 2011 Day Two 5/21/11
Absolution VI 6/26/11
J.T. Lightning Memorial Show 9/25/11(一部のみ)
They Live 10/2/11(一部のみ)
Girls Night Out 5 1/29/12(一部のみ)
Gauntlet for the Gold 3/2/12(一部のみ)
Straight Outta Compton 4/6/12(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth 8 11/23/12(一部のみ)
The End of The World 12/21/12(一部のみ)
Gauntlet for the Gold 8 3/29/13(一部のみ)
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta 4/26/13(一部のみ)
JT Lightning Invitational Day One 5/24/13(一部のみ)
JT Lightning Invitational Day Two 5/25/13(一部のみ)
Absolution 8 6/30/13(一部のみ)
Double Dare 11/1/13(一部のみ)
dead president 12/27/13(一部のみ)
T.G.I.F. 2/7/14(一部のみ)
Nuthin but a "G" Thang 4/25/14(一部のみ)
Absolution IX 6/29/14(一部のみ)
Failure By Design 8/8/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night One 9/5/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night Two 9/6/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night Three 9/7/14(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth X 11/28/14(一部のみ)
I Choo-Choo-Choose You! 2/20/15(一部のみ)
Make Em Say Uhh 4/24/15(一部のみ)
Girls Night Out 15 5/23/15(一部のみ)
Aboslution X 7/10/15(一部のみ)
Battle of the Sexes 8/14/15(一部のみ)
Faith No More 9/11/15(一部のみ)
Freah Meat 10/3/15(一部のみ)
Big in Trouble in Little Cleveland 10/16/15(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth XI 11/27/15(一部のみ)
Gauntlet For The Gold XI 3/18/16(一部のみ)
JLIT Night One 5/27/16(一部のみ)
JLIT Night Two 5/28/16(一部のみ)
Best of AIW 2016
Best of AIW 2017
Heart of a Champion The Best of Tyler Black in AIW
The Best of Blood
◆FIP(Full Impact Pro)
Dangerous Intentions 2/12/05(一部のみ)
Bring the Pain 3/26/05
Payback 6/25/05
X Factor 10/7/05
Florida Rumble 12/10/05
New Year's Classic 1/6/06
Strong vs. Evans 1/7/06
Evening the Odds 11/11/06
New Year's Classic 1/12/07(メインのみ)
Unfinished Business 1/13/07
First Annual Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts 3/10/07
International Impact Phase Two 4/21/07
Melbourne Meltdown 5/26/07
Cage of Pain II 9/29/07
Redefined 2/16/08
Unfinished Business 3/22/08
Dangerous Intentions 4/26/08
Hot Summer Nights 7/19/08
Heatstroke 8/23/08
Fallout 10/11/08
Melbourne Meltdown II 12/19/08
Ascension 3/15/14(一部のみ)
Establish Dominance 3/15/15(一部のみ)
The Best of CM Punk
Rise of the New Dawn The Best of CM Punk Vol.2
◆FMW(Funk Masters of Wrestling)
リビング・レジェンド レッスル・フェスト 50イヤーズ・オブ・ファンク 9/11/97
◆ICW(Impact Championship Wrestling)/UCW
Super Show 3/4/11
◆IWA-DS(Independent Wrestling Association Deep South)
Xtreme Warfare 2/18/06
Carnage Cup 11/25/06
2 Xtreme Warfare 9/1/07
Carnage Cup 12/1/07
Carnage Cup 4 10/4/08
Carnage Cup 5 9/26/09
Carnage Cup 6 4/10/10
Carnage Cup 7 2/26/11
Carnage Cup 8 Night Two 4/1/12(一部のみ)
Cage of Carnage 3/16/13(一部のみ)
Carnage Cup Night Two 11/17/13(一部のみ)
Carnage Cup 10 Night Two 3/1/15(一部のみ)
Carnage Cup 11 4/29/17(一部のみ)
◆IWA-EC(Independent Wrestling Association East Coast)
Battle of the Butchers 10/5/04
Happy Hour Hatred 4/5/05
Prison of Pain 6/15/05
Under the Gunn 7/13/05
Shoots and Ladders 4/5/06
Masters of Pain 9/16/06
Masters of Pain 11/24/07
Masters of Pain 11/29/08
Legacy of Brutality 11/6/09
Masters of Pain 11/7/09
Stiff Competition 2 7/12/11
Are You Ready? 9/20/11(メインのみ)
Masters of Pain 7/21/12(一部のみ)
Worlds Collide 9/29/12(一部のみ)
Masters of Pain 5/2/15
◆IWS(International Wrestling Syndicate)
Best of IWS 2004
Un F'n Sanctioned 3/26/05(一部のみ)
Blood,Sweat and Beers 9/17/05
Scarred for Life 4/22/06
Summer Slaughter 7/14/07
Blood,Sweat and Beers 9/22/07
Violent Valentine 2/16/08
Know Your Enemies 3/22/08
Scarred 4 Life 4/26/08
Freedom to Fight 5/24/08
Un F'n Sanctioned 9/27/08
Tenth Anniversary 5/30/09
Best of IWS 2016
◆JAPW(Jersey All Pro Wrestling)
Smarts Only 6/7/02(一部のみ)
Collision Course 1/9/04
7 Year Anniversary Show 9/18/04
Halloween Hell 10/30/04
Seasons Beatings 12/10/04
Wild Card 1/29/05
Caged Fury 3/26/05
After Shock 4/23/05
9 Year Anniversary Show 10/28/06
Seasons Beatings 1/20/07
Spring Massacre 4/21/07
Holy Ouch!! 5/19/07
Back to Business 6/9/07
Seasons Beatings The B-Boy Retirement Show 12/8/07
Reclaiming Hudson 1/19/08
Wildcard 4 2/16/08
Caged Fury 3/8/08
Full F'n Force 5/31/08
Overload 6/28/08
XI Year Anniversary Show 12/13/08
Female Revolution 1/10/09
Unfinished Business 3/28/09(一部のみ)
A Queen is Crowned 5/9/09
Girl Power 11/14/09
Back Where All It All Began 1/9/10
12th Anniversary Show 1/23/10
Wild Card 6 3/20/10
Nortorius Thunder 5/22/10
13th Anniversary Show Night One 12/10/10
13th Anniversary Show Night Two 12/11/10
Low Ki vs. Sami 3/26/11
Awaken 3/21/15
Best of JAPW 2015
Best of JAPW Vol.1
◆Kaiju Big Battel
Mayhem int the Atriumu III 3/?/00
Atumnul Shogun Showdown 10/27/01
Matsuri Mass Mayhem 4/6/02
Warsaw Wafu Fun 6/7/02
Ruckus in a Cage 9/25/02
First Fight Out 12/31/02
Philly Factory Fighto 5/31/03
Danger Danger 11/19/03
Mayday!Mayday! 5/1/04
Tinseltown Showdown 9/8/04
Someone Must Die! 5/26/06
All Out War 8/4/06
Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII 10/20/06
Some Better Fighto! 11/9/07
The Danger Strikes Back 3/29/08
Boston Massacre 5/10/08
Shpadoinkel Mania VII 6/1/08
Kaiju in 3-D 4/3/09
Final Fighto 12/31/09
Save the Kaiju 10/15/10
Non Stop to Danger 10/14/11
More Better Fighto Vol.1
Area 57
Video Buffet 1+2
Video Buffet 3
Video Buffet 4
Video Buffet 5
Grandslam 4/17/93
2nd Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl 4/12/97
53rd Anniversary 10/13/02
Legends Fanfest Wrestling Event 8/19/05-8/21/05
Legends Fanfest Wrestling Event 8/14/07-8/17/07
・NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend 8/5/10-8/8/10 Disc One-Four Disc Five
Best of NWA 2012
The Best of Blue Demon Jr.
Uncommon Passion
Chaos in Cameron: A Hardy Homecoming 4/26/14(一部のみ)
◆Rev Pro(Revolution Pro)
Above and Beyond
◆SMW(Smokey Mountain Wrestling)
Volunteer Slam 5/22/92(一部のみ)
Fire on the Mountain 8/8/92(一部のみ)
Thanksgiving Thunder 11/28/92(一部のみ)
Fire on the Mountain 8/14/93
Night of Legends 8/5/94
Superbowl of Wrestling 8/4/95
History of SMW Vol. 1
Before They Were Famous
◆UWA Hardcore Wrestling
A Call for Blood 7/22/05
Firestorm 2/17/06
The Art of Combat 6/23/06
Maximum Carnage 9/22/06
GP Tournament Night 2 10/28/06
Hour of the Dragon 1/19/07
Infinite Glory 2/16/07
King of the Deathmatch 2/24/07
Reign of Vengeance 3/23/07
darkest hour. 4/27/07
UWA-Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan 最初夜 5/25/07
UWA-Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan 次の夜 5/26/07
Days of Glory 6/22/07
Resurrection 1/18/08
Battle Cry 3/28/08
Grand Prix Night One 5/30/08
Grand Prix Night Two 5/31/08
Supershow 4/5/14(一部のみ)
Super Show 3/28/15(一部のみ)
SuperShow 4/2/16(一部のみ)
Supershow 3/31/17(一部のみ)
Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow 4/6/18(一部のみ)
◆WWN(World Wrestling Network)
A Wrestling Odyssey 4/4/14(一部のみ)
Supershow Mercury Rising 2017: EVOLVE vs. PROGRESS 4/1/17(一部のみ)
Best of Style Battle 2018
Mercury Rising 4/6/18