◆AAW(Pro Wrestling Redefined)
Windy City Classic III 11/24/07(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 6/21/08
Night of Vengeance 10/24/09(一部のみ)
War is Coming 11/20/09(一部のみ)
Defing Moment:Fade to Black 9/24/10
Best of AAW 2010
Defining Moment 9/30/11(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/28/11(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2011
Path of Redemption 2/24/12(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/21/12(一部のみ)
Day of Difiance 5/19/12(一部のみ)
Bound by Hate 6/22/12(一部のみ)
Scars and Stripe 7/21/12(一部のみ)
Reign of Violence 8/24/12(一部のみ)
Defining Moment 9/21/12(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/26/12(一部のみ)
Windy City Classic 8 11/24/12(一部のみ)
Durty Deeds 2/10/13(一部のみ)
EPIC 3/23/13(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/12/13(一部のみ)
Day of Defiance 5/17/13(一部のみ)
Defining Moment 9/27/13(一部のみ)
War is Coming 10/25/13(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2013
The Chaos Theory 1/24/14(一部のみ)
EPIC 10 Year Anniversary 3/21/14(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 4/11/14(一部のみ)
Day of Defiance Results 5/2/14(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2014
The Art Of War 2/28/15(一部のみ)
EPIC:The 11 Year Anniversary Event 3/21/15(一部のみ)
Hell Hath No Fury 4/10/15(一部のみ)
Never Say Die 6/11/15(一部のみ)
Bound by Hate 8/9/15(一部のみ)
Best of AAW 2015
Best of AAW 2016
Best of AAW 2016 part.2
Best of AAW 2016 part.3
Best of AAW 2017
Best of AAW 2017 part.2
Best of AAW 2017 part.3
Best of AAW 2018
Best of AAW 2018 part.2
Best of AAW 2019
Best of AAW 2019 part.2
Best of AAW 2020
Best of AAW 2021
Best of AAW 2021 part.2
Best of AAW 2022
◆AIW(Absolute Intense Wrestling)
Tomorrow Never Dies 9/30/07
Best of AIW 2009
Absolution V 6/27/10
Gauntlet for the Gold 2/18/11
TPI 2011 Day One 5/20/11
TPI 2011 Day Two 5/21/11
Absolution VI 6/26/11
J.T. Lightning Memorial Show 9/25/11(一部のみ)
They Live 10/2/11(一部のみ)
Girls Night Out 5 1/29/12(一部のみ)
Gauntlet for the Gold 3/2/12(一部のみ)
Straight Outta Compton 4/6/12(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth 8 11/23/12(一部のみ)
The End of The World 12/21/12(一部のみ)
Gauntlet for the Gold 8 3/29/13(一部のみ)
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta 4/26/13(一部のみ)
JT Lightning Invitational Day One 5/24/13(一部のみ)
JT Lightning Invitational Day Two 5/25/13(一部のみ)
Absolution 8 6/30/13(一部のみ)
Double Dare 11/1/13(一部のみ)
dead president 12/27/13(一部のみ)
T.G.I.F. 2/7/14(一部のみ)
Nuthin but a "G" Thang 4/25/14(一部のみ)
Absolution IX 6/29/14(一部のみ)
Failure By Design 8/8/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night One 9/5/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night Two 9/6/14(一部のみ)
Wrestle Rager Night Three 9/7/14(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth X 11/28/14(一部のみ)
Best of AIW 2014
I Choo-Choo-Choose You! 2/20/15(一部のみ)
Make Em Say Uhh 4/24/15(一部のみ)
Girls Night Out 15 5/23/15(一部のみ)
Aboslution X 7/10/15(一部のみ)
Battle of the Sexes 8/14/15(一部のみ)
Faith No More 9/11/15(一部のみ)
Freah Meat 10/3/15(一部のみ)
Big in Trouble in Little Cleveland 10/16/15(一部のみ)
Hell on Earth XI 11/27/15(一部のみ)
Gauntlet For The Gold XI 3/18/16(一部のみ)
JLIT Night One 5/27/16(一部のみ)
JLIT Night Two 5/28/16(一部のみ)
Best of AIW 2016
Best of AIW 2017
Best of AIW 2018
Best of AIW 2019
Best of AIW 2019 part.2
Best of AIW 2020
Best of AIW 2022
Heart of a Champion The Best of Tyler Black in AIW
The Best of Blood
◆Beyond Wrestling
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2011
Swamp Sessions 7/27/12(一部のみ)
Americana 7/21/13(一部のみ)
Point of No Return 9/15/13(一部のみ)
TFT2 Finals 11/17/13(一部のみ)
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2013
CRITICAL! Acclaim 3/23/14(一部のみ)
Unbreakable 5/18/14(一部のみ)
Uncomfortable 6/22/14(一部のみ)
Americana 7/27/14(一部のみ)
Alive & Kicking 11/29/14(一部のみ)
Tournament for Tomorrow 3 11/30/14(一部のみ)
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2014
Hit and Run 1/31/15(一部のみ)
King of Arts 3/1/15(一部のみ)
When Satan rules his World 4/26/15(一部のみ)
The Real Thing 5/31/15(一部のみ)
Life Sucks And Then You Die 6/28/15(一部のみ)
Americana 7/26/15(一部のみ)
Greatest Rivals Round Robin 9/26/15(一部のみ)
Gratitude Era 10/25/15(一部のみ)
Tournament for Tomorrow 4 Night Two 11/29/15(一部のみ)
Fate Finale 12/27/15(一部のみ)
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2015
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2016
Popular Demand 2/28/16(一部のみ)
State of the Art 2/28/16(一部のみ)
Territorial Pissings 4/2/16(一部のみ)
GIGANTIC 5/29/16(一部のみ)
Ripped Off In The Prime Of Life 6/26/16(一部のみ)
Flesh 7/17/16(一部のみ)
Americanrana 7/31/16(一部のみ)
Battle of Who Could Care Less 8/28/16(一部のみ)
Tournament for Today Show One 11/6/16(一部のみ)
Tournament for Today Show Two 11/6/16(一部のみ)
Over-Nite Sensation 12/11/16(一部のみ)
Party Animals 12/29/16(一部のみ)
Caffeine 4/2/17(一部のみ)
Aericana 7/30/17(一部のみ)
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2017
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2018
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2018 part.2
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2019
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2019 part.2
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2019 part.3
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2020
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2021
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2021 part.2:Greatest Round Robin Challenge
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2021 part.3
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2021 part.4
Best of Beyond Wrestling 2022
◆FIP(Full Impact Pro)
Dangerous Intentions 2/12/05(一部のみ)
Bring the Pain 3/26/05
Payback 6/25/05
X Factor 10/7/05
Florida Rumble 12/10/05
New Year's Classic 1/6/06
Strong vs. Evans 1/7/06
Evening the Odds 11/11/06
New Year's Classic 1/12/07(メインのみ)
Unfinished Business 1/13/07
First Annual Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts 3/10/07
International Impact Phase Two 4/21/07
Melbourne Meltdown 5/26/07
Cage of Pain II 9/29/07
Redefined 2/16/08
Unfinished Business 3/22/08
Dangerous Intentions 4/26/08
Hot Summer Nights 7/19/08
Heatstroke 8/23/08
Fallout 10/11/08
Melbourne Meltdown II 12/19/08
Ascension 3/15/14(一部のみ)
Establish Dominance 3/15/15(一部のみ)
Best of FIP 2016
The Best of CM Punk
Rise of the New Dawn The Best of CM Punk Vol.2
◆FMW(Funk Masters of Wrestling)
リビング・レジェンド レッスル・フェスト 50イヤーズ・オブ・ファンク 9/11/97
◆ICW(Impact Championship Wrestling)/UCW
Super Show 3/4/11
◆IWA-DS(Independent Wrestling Association Deep South)
Xtreme Warfare 2/18/06
Carnage Cup 11/25/06
2 Xtreme Warfare 9/1/07
Carnage Cup 12/1/07
Carnage Cup 4 10/4/08
Carnage Cup 5 9/26/09
Carnage Cup 6 4/10/10
Carnage Cup 7 2/26/11
Carnage Cup 8 Night Two 4/1/12(一部のみ)
Cage of Carnage 3/16/13(一部のみ)
Carnage Cup Night Two 11/17/13(一部のみ)
Carnage Cup 10 Night Two 3/1/15(一部のみ)
Best of IWA-DS 2015
Carnage Cup 11 4/29/17(一部のみ)
Best of IWA-DS 2017
◆IWA-EC(Independent Wrestling Association East Coast)
Battle of the Butchers 10/5/04
Happy Hour Hatred 4/5/05
Prison of Pain 6/15/05
Under the Gunn 7/13/05
Shoots and Ladders 4/5/06
Masters of Pain 9/16/06
Masters of Pain 11/24/07
Masters of Pain 11/29/08
IWA-EC Matches 2009
Legacy of Brutality 11/6/09
Masters of Pain 11/7/09
Stiff Competition 2 7/12/11
Are You Ready? 9/20/11(メインのみ)
Masters of Pain 7/21/12(一部のみ)
Worlds Collide 9/29/12(一部のみ)
Masters of Pain 5/2/15
Masters of Pain 6/12/21
Best of IWA East Coast Volume1 Disc One
Best of IWA East Coast Volume1 Disc Two
Best of IWA East Coast Volume1 Disc Three
◆IWS(International Wrestling Syndicate)
Best of IWS 2004
Un F'n Sanctioned 3/26/05(一部のみ)
Blood,Sweat and Beers 9/17/05
Scarred for Life 4/22/06
Summer Slaughter 7/14/07
Blood,Sweat and Beers 9/22/07
Violent Valentine 2/16/08
Know Your Enemies 3/22/08
Scarred 4 Life 4/26/08
Freedom to Fight 5/24/08
Un F'n Sanctioned 9/27/08
Tenth Anniversary 5/30/09
Best of IWS 2016
◆JAPW(Jersey All Pro Wrestling)
Best of JAPW 2001
Smarts Only 6/7/02(一部のみ)
Best of JAPW 2003
Collision Course 1/9/04
7 Year Anniversary Show 9/18/04
Halloween Hell 10/30/04
Seasons Beatings 12/10/04
Wild Card 1/29/05
Caged Fury 3/26/05
After Shock 4/23/05
9 Year Anniversary Show 10/28/06
Seasons Beatings 1/20/07
Spring Massacre 4/21/07
Holy Ouch!! 5/19/07
Back to Business 6/9/07
Seasons Beatings The B-Boy Retirement Show 12/8/07
Reclaiming Hudson 1/19/08
Wildcard 4 2/16/08
Caged Fury 3/8/08
Full F'n Force 5/31/08
Overload 6/28/08
XI Year Anniversary Show 12/13/08
Female Revolution 1/10/09
Unfinished Business 3/28/09(一部のみ)
A Queen is Crowned 5/9/09
Girl Power 11/14/09
Back Where All It All Began 1/9/10
12th Anniversary Show 1/23/10
Wild Card 6 3/20/10
Nortorius Thunder 5/22/10
13th Anniversary Show Night One 12/10/10
13th Anniversary Show Night Two 12/11/10
Low Ki vs. Sami 3/26/11
Awaken 3/21/15
Best of JAPW 2015
Best of JAPW Vol.1
◆Kaiju Big Battel
Mayhem int the Atriumu III 3/?/00
Atumnul Shogun Showdown 10/27/01
Matsuri Mass Mayhem 4/6/02
Warsaw Wafu Fun 6/7/02
Ruckus in a Cage 9/25/02
First Fight Out 12/31/02
Philly Factory Fighto 5/31/03
Danger Danger 11/19/03
Mayday!Mayday! 5/1/04
Tinseltown Showdown 9/8/04
Someone Must Die! 5/26/06
All Out War 8/4/06
Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII 10/20/06
Some Better Fighto! 11/9/07
The Danger Strikes Back 3/29/08
Boston Massacre 5/10/08
Shpadoinkel Mania VII 6/1/08
Kaiju in 3-D 4/3/09
Final Fighto 12/31/09
Save the Kaiju 10/15/10
Non Stop to Danger 10/14/11
Best of KBB 2019
More Better Fighto Vol.1
Area 57
Video Buffet 1+2
Video Buffet 3
Video Buffet 4
Video Buffet 5
Grandslam 4/17/93
Best of NWA 1994
Best of NWA 1995
2nd Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl 4/12/97
53rd Anniversary 10/13/02
Legends Fanfest Wrestling Event 8/19/05-8/21/05
Legends Fanfest Wrestling Event 8/14/07-8/17/07
・NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend 8/5/10-8/8/10 Disc One-Four Disc Five
Best of NWA 2011
Best of NWA 2012
Best of NWA 2013
Best of NWA 2018
Best of NWA 2019
Best of NWA 2020
Best of NWA 2021
Best of NWA 2022
The Best of Blue Demon Jr.
◆OMEGA(Organization Of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts)
Uncommon Passion
Chaos in Cameron: A Hardy Homecoming 4/26/14(一部のみ)
Best of OMEGA 2015
◆Rev Pro(Revolution Pro)
Above and Beyond
◆SMW(Smokey Mountain Wrestling)
Volunteer Slam 5/22/92(一部のみ)
Fire on the Mountain 8/8/92(一部のみ)
Thanksgiving Thunder 11/28/92(一部のみ)
Fire on the Mountain 8/14/93
Night of Legends 8/5/94
Best of SMW 1994
Superbowl of Wrestling 8/4/95
History of SMW Vol. 1
Before They Were Famous
◆UWA Hardcore Wrestling
A Call for Blood 7/22/05
Firestorm 2/17/06
Echoes of War 5/26/06
The Art of Combat 6/23/06
Maximum Carnage 9/22/06
GP Tournament Night 2 10/28/06
Hour of the Dragon 1/19/07
Infinite Glory 2/16/07
King of the Deathmatch 2/24/07
Reign of Vengeance 3/23/07
darkest hour. 4/27/07
UWA-Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan 最初夜 5/25/07
UWA-Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan 次の夜 5/26/07
Days of Glory 6/22/07
Resurrection 1/18/08
Battle Cry 3/28/08
Grand Prix Night One 5/30/08
Grand Prix Night Two 5/31/08
Supershow 4/5/14(一部のみ)
Super Show 3/28/15(一部のみ)
SuperShow 4/2/16(一部のみ)
Supershow 3/31/17(一部のみ)
Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow 4/6/18(一部のみ)
Mark Hitchcock Memorial SuperShow 4/4/19(一部のみ)
US vs. The World 4/5/19(一部のみ)
Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow 3/31/21
US vs. The World 4/2/21
◆WWA(World Wrestling Association)
Best of WWA 1992
◆WWN(World Wrestling Network)
A Wrestling Odyssey 4/4/14(一部のみ)
SuperShow Mercury Rising 4/2/16(一部のみ)
Supershow Mercury Rising 2017: EVOLVE vs. PROGRESS 4/1/17(一部のみ)
Best of Style Battle 2018
Mercury Rising 4/6/18
Mercury Rising 4/5/19