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イギリス 現インディー団体の分析

A Cruel Twist Of Fate 10/1/05
No Turning Black Night One 1/6/06(一部のみ)
No Turning Back Night Two 1/7/06(一部のみ)
All or Nothing Night One 3/4/06(一部のみ)
All or Nothing Night Two 3/5/06
Know Your Enemy Night One 5/26/06
Fight Club 5/27/06
Fight Club 2 7/1/06
Invincible 8/19/06
Best of 1PW
◆4FW(4 Front Wrestling)
Best of 4FW 2013
◆ASW:UK(All Star British Wrestling)
Best of 2012
◆ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Press Start 2 5/24/14
◆BWP(Brittania Wrestling Promotions)
Best of BWP 2012
◆FSW(Future Shock Wrestling)
Best of FSW
British Uprising Pt. 2 10/13/02
Classics & Seasons Beatings 12/15/02(一部のみ)
Northern Exposure Tour August 2003(一部のみ)
British Uprising 11/13/04(一部のみ)
Best of FWA
◆GBP(Great Beer Promotion)
Best of GBP
◆GPW(Grand Pro Wrestling)
Crazy Cruiserweight 8 11/13/09
Battlefield 5/6/11
Best of GPW
◆HXC Wrestling
Best of HXC 2013
The Sittingbourne Debut 7/29/07(一部のみ)
The Epic Encounter 3/5/09(一部のみ)
Sittingbourne Spectacular 4/4/10(一部のみ)
6th Anniversary Show 8/1/10(一部のみ)
The 6th Annual Brawl at the Hall 12/5/10(一部のみ)
No Escape 3/6/11(一部のみ)
7 Year Anniversary 11/27/11(一部のみ)
No Escape 2/26/12(一部のみ)
Revolution 4/28/12(一部のみ)
Extreme Measures 6/3/12(一部のみ)
Zack vs. Hero 1/19/14(一部のみ)
Best of IWP
◆LDN(The Wrestling Channel)
Best of LDN
◆NEWS(North East Wrestling Society)
Best of NEWS 2011
◆NGW(New Generation Wrestling)
Revelations 9/9/11(一部のみ)
Destiny 3/10/12(一部のみ)
Collision Course 4/21/12(一部のみ)
6th Anniversary 6/15/14(一部のみ)
Best of NGW 2016
◆PBW(Premier British Promotions)
Maximum Impact 4 10/16/10(一部のみ)
Breaking Limits 6 4/23/11(一部のみ)
Maximum Impact 6 3/11/12(一部のみ)
Best of PBW 2016
◆PCW(Preston City Wrestling)
Best of PCW 2011
Best of PCW 2012
Festive Fury 12/10/12(一部のみ)
More Bang for your Buck !!! 1/18/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Night One 5/31/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Pre-Show 6/1/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Night Two 6/1/13(一部のみ)
Too Good to be Two! 2nd Anniversary 8/2/13(一部のみ)
Fright Night Part 2 10/31/13(一部のみ)
Festive Fury 3 12/6/13(一部のみ)
◆Pro Wrestling 101
Best of Pro Wrestling 101
◆Progress Wrestling
Chapter 1: In the Beginning 3/25/12(一部のみ)
Chapter 2: The March of Progress 6/24/12(一部のみ)
Chapter 3:Fifty Shades of Pain 9/30/12(一部のみ)
Chapter 4: The Ballad of El Ligero 11/25/12(一部のみ)
Chapter 5: For Those About To Fight, We Salute You 1/27/13(一部のみ)
Chapter 6: We Love Violence 3/31/13(一部のみ)
Chapter 9: Hokd me,Thrill me,Kick me,Kill me 9/29/13(一部のみ)
Chapter 11: To Fight War, You Must Become War 1/26/14(一部のみ)
Chapter 13 5/18/14(一部のみ)
Chapter 14:Thunderbastard 7/27/14(一部のみ)
Chapter 18:The Show that we're not allowed to call Progressmania for legal reasons 3/22/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 19: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Day One 5/24/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 19: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Day Two 5/25/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 20:Beyond Thunderbastard 7/26/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 21:You know we don't like to use the sit down gun 9/6/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 23:What a time to be alive 11/29/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 24:Hit the North 12/21/15(一部のみ)
Chapter 25:Chat Shit Get Banged 1/24/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 26:Unknown Pressures 2/14/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 27:The Lost Art Of Suffering 3/27/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 28:Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want 4/10/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 30:Super Strong Style 16 Nght One 5/29/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 30:Super Strong Style 16 Nght Two 5/30/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 31: All Hail The New Puritans 6/19/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 32:5000 TO 1 6/26/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 33: Malice In Wonderland 7/31/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 34: Keep It Unreal 8/14/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 35:Writing Nirvana on other People's Bags 8/28/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 36: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Room ... Again 9/25/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 37: A Sudden Sense of Liberty 10/16/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 38: When Men Throw Men At Men 10/30/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 39: The Graps of Wrath 11/27/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 40:Intercepted Angel 12/11/16(一部のみ)
Chapter 41:Unboxing Live! 12/30/16(一部のみ)
◆RPW(Revolution Pro)
Summer Sizzler 8/26/12(一部のみ)
Stives Debut 11/16/12(一部のみ)
Christmas Cracket 12/2/12(一部のみ)
Best of RPW 2012
When Thunder Strikes 6/15/13(一部のみ)
Summer Sizzler 6/15/14(一部のみ)
High Stakes 2/15/15(一部のみ)
At Our Best 4/5/15(一部のみ)
Summer Sizzler 6/14/15(一部のみ)
Summer Sizzler 6/14/15(一部のみ)
Uprising 10/2/15(一部のみ)
Global Wars 10/3/15(一部のみ)
High Stakes 1/16/16(一部のみ)
Epic Encounter 4/16/16(一部のみ)
Sittingbourne Spectacular 4/17/16(一部のみ)
Live at the Cockpit 9 5/5/16(一部のみ)
Angle vs. Sabre 6/13/16(一部のみ)
Live at the Cockpit 7/3/16(一部のみ)
Summer Sizzler 7/10/16(一部のみ)
Uprising 8/12/16(一部のみ)
Live in Portsmouth 6 10/30/16(一部のみ)
Global Wars Night One 11/10/16(一部のみ)
Global Wars Night Two 11/11/16(一部のみ)
Live At The Cockpit 12 1/8/17(一部のみ)
High Stakes 1/27/17(一部のみ)
Live At The Cockpit 13 2/5/17(一部のみ)
Live In Portsmouth 2/24/17(一部のみ)
◆RQW(Real Quality Wrestling)
No Pain.. No Gain! 1/12/07(一部のみ)
・King of Europe 2007 Night One 4/28/07 Night Two 4/29/07
◆Ring of Europe
Chris Hero conquers the...Vol.2
◆SSW(Shooting Star Wrestling)
Best of SSW 2009
◆SWE(Southside Wrestling)
Best of SWE 2012
◆TWC(The Wrestling Channel)
International Showdown 3/19/05
Universal Uproar 11/12/05(一部のみ)
◆WM(Wrestling Mayhem)
Best of WM 2011