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A Cruel Twist Of Fate 10/1/05
No Turning Black Night One 1/6/06(一部のみ)
No Turning Back Night Two 1/7/06(一部のみ)
All or Nothing Night One 3/4/06(一部のみ)
All or Nothing Night Two 3/5/06(一部のみ)
Know Your Enemy Night One 5/26/06(一部のみ)
Fight Club 5/27/06(一部のみ)
Fight Club 2 7/1/06(一部のみ)
Invincible 8/19/06(一部のみ)
Best of 1PW
◆3CW(3 Count Wrestling)
Best of 3CW 2018
◆4FW(4 Front Wrestling)
Best of 4FW 2011
Best of 4FW 2013
Best of 4FW 2015
Best of 4FW 2016
Best of 4FW 2017
◆ASW:UK(All Star British Wrestling)
Best of ASW:UK 2011
Best of ASW:UK 2012
Best of ASW:UK 2013
◆ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Press Start 2 5/24/14(一部のみ)
Best of ATTACK! 2016
Best of ATTACK! 2017
◆BCW(Blank Canvas Wrestling)
Best of BCW 2020
◆BPW(Breed Pro Wrestling)
Best of BPW 2019
◆BWP(Brittania Wrestling Promotions)
Best of BWP 2012
◆CATCH(CATCH Pro Wrestling)
Best of CATCH 2020
Best of CATCH 2021
◆CLASH(Pro Wrestling CLASH)
Best of CLASH 2019
◆Defiant Wrestling
Best of Defiant 2018
Best of Defiant 2019
Best of ETM 2020
◆FCP(Fight Club:Pro)
Project Mayhem V 9/23/16(一部のみ)
Pulp Fixxion Part Two 10/22/16(一部のみ)
Best of FCP 2016
The First Female of Fight Club 3/18/17(一部のみ)
Dream Tag Team Invitational Night One 4/14/17(一部のみ)
Dream Tag Team Invitational Night Two 4/15/17(一部のみ)
DTTI Hangover 5/20/17
Best of FCP 2017
Dream Tag Team Invitational Night One 3/30/18(一部のみ)
Dream Tag Team Invitational Night One 3/31/18(一部のみ)
Dream Tag Team Invitational Night Two 4/1/18(一部のみ)
Best of FCP 2018
Best of FCP 2019
Best of FCP 2019 part.2
◆FSW(Future Shock Wrestling)
Best of FSW 2011
Best of FSW 2012
Best of FSW 2014
Best of FSW 2015
Best of FSW 2018
Best of FSW 2019
Best of FSW 2021
◆FW(Frontline Wrestling)
Best of FW 2018
British Uprising Pt. 2 10/13/02(一部のみ)
Classics & Seasons Beatings 12/15/02(一部のみ)
Northern Exposure Tour August 2003(一部のみ)
British Uprising 11/13/04(一部のみ)
Best of FWA
◆GW(Good Wrestling)
Best of Good Wrestling 2018
Best of Good Wrestling 2019
◆GBP(Great Beer Promotion)
Best of GBP 2012
Best of GBP 2013
◆GPW(Grand Pro Wrestling)
Crazy Cruiserweight 8 11/13/09(一部のみ)
Battlefield 5/6/11(一部のみ)
Best of GPW
◆HXC Wrestling
Best of HXC 2013
◆ICW(Insane Championship Wrestling)
Best of ICW 2018
The Sittingbourne Debut 7/29/07(一部のみ)
The Epic Encounter 3/5/09(一部のみ)
Sittingbourne Spectacular 4/4/10(一部のみ)
6th Anniversary Show 8/1/10(一部のみ)
The 6th Annual Brawl at the Hall 12/5/10(一部のみ)
No Escape 3/6/11(一部のみ)
7 Year Anniversary 11/27/11(一部のみ)
No Escape 2/26/12(一部のみ)
Revolution 4/28/12(一部のみ)
Extreme Measures 6/3/12(一部のみ)
Zack vs. Hero 1/19/14(一部のみ)
Best of IPW:UK 2016
Best of IPW:UK 2017
Best of IPW:UK 2018
Best of IPW:UK 2019
◆Ironfist Wrestling
Best of Ironfist Wrestling 2020
Best of IWP
◆Kamikaze Pro
Best of Kamikaze 2016
Best of KULT 2023
◆LDN(The Wrestling Channel)
Best of LDN
◆LF(Lucha Forever)
Best of LF 2017
Best of LF 2018
◆NEWS(North East Wrestling Society)
Best of NEWS 2011
◆NGW(New Generation Wrestling)
Revelations 9/9/11(一部のみ)
Destiny 3/10/12(一部のみ)
Collision Course 4/21/12(一部のみ)
6th Anniversary 6/15/14(一部のみ)
Best of NGW 2015
Best of NGW 2016
◆PBW(Premier British Promotions)
Maximum Impact 4 10/16/10(一部のみ)
Breaking Limits 6 4/23/11(一部のみ)
Maximum Impact 6 3/11/12(一部のみ)
Best of PBW 2016
◆PCW(Preston City Wrestling)
Best of PCW 2011
Best of PCW 2012
Festive Fury 12/10/12(一部のみ)
More Bang for your Buck !!! 1/18/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Night One 5/31/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Pre-Show 6/1/13(一部のみ)
No Retreat, No Surrender Night Two 6/1/13(一部のみ)
Too Good to be Two! 2nd Anniversary 8/2/13(一部のみ)
Fright Night Part 2 10/31/13(一部のみ)
Festive Fury 3 12/6/13(一部のみ)
Best of PCW 2013
Best of PCW 2014
Best of PCW 2016
Best of PCW 2017
◆Pro Wrestling 101
Best of Pro Wrestling 101
◆PWC(Pro Wrestling Chaos)
Best of PWC 2017
Best of PWC 2018
◆PWL(Pro Wrestling Live)
Best of PWL 2020
◆Pro Wrestling SOUL
Best of SOUL 2019
◆RQW(Real Quality Wrestling)
No Pain.. No Gain! 1/12/07(一部のみ)
Best of RQW 2007
・King of Europe 2007 Night One 4/28/07 Night Two 4/29/07
◆Ring of Europe
Chris Hero conquers the...Vol.2
◆Riptide Wrestling
Best of Riptide 2018
Best of Riptide 2019
Best of RISE 2018
Best of RISE 2019
Best of RISE 2021
Best of RISE 2022
Best of SOUL 2019
◆SSW(Shooting Star Wrestling)
Best of SSW 2009
◆SWA(Shropshire Wrestling Alliance)
Best of SWA 2014
Best of SWA 2018
◆SWE(Southside Wrestling Entertainment)(旧North British Wrestling)
Best of NBW 2011
Best of SWE 2012
Best of SWE 2013
Best of SWE 2014
Best of SWE 2015 part.1
Best of SWE 2015 part.2
Best of SWE 2016 part.1
Best of SWE 2016 part.2
Best of SWE 2016 part.3
Best of SWE 2017 part.1
Tetsujin Shoot Style Tournament 11/20/15(一部のみ)
Tetsujin Beauty In Combat: Second Stage 2/9/18(一部のみ)
Tetsujin Is F'n Dead: The Final Tetsujin 11/22/19(一部のみ)
◆TCW(TIDAL Championship Wrestling)
Best of TCW 2016
◆TNT(TNT Extreme Wrestling)
Best of TNT 2017
Best of TNT 2018
Best of TNT 2019
Best of TNT 2020
◆TWC(The Wrestling Channel)
International Showdown 3/19/05
Universal Uproar 11/12/05(一部のみ)
◆TXW(Triple X Wrestling)
Best of TXW 2008
Best of TXW 2012
Best of TXW 2013
◆TYRIS(TYRIS Wrestling)
Best of TYRIS 2022
Best of TYRIS 2023
◆WC(Wrestle Carnival)
Best of WC 2021
Best of WC 2022
◆WCPW(WhatCulture Pro Wrestling)
Best of WCPW 2016
Best of WCPW 2017
Best of WCPW 2017 part.2
◆Wrestle Gate Pro
Best of Wrestle Gate Pro 2019
◆WM(Wrestling Mayhem)
Best of WM 2011
◆WR(Wrestling Resurgence)
Best of WR 2019
Best of WR 2020
Best of WR 2022
◆WrestleTalk Showcase
Best of WrestleTalk Showcase 2020
Best of WR 2020
◆XWA(X Wrestling Alliance)
Best of XWA 2017
The Eve of Independence 9/27/08