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ROH 2006年の分析

Hell Freezes Over 1/14/06
Tag Wars 1/26/06(一部のみ)
Dissension 1/28/06
Unscripted II 2/11/06(一部のみ)
Fourth Anniversary Show 2/25/06
Arena Warfare 3/11/06
Best in the World 3/25/06
Dragon Gate Challenge 3/30/06
Supercard of Honor 3/31/06
Better than Our Best 4/1/06
The 100th Show 4/22/06
Weekend of Champions Night One 4/28/06
Weekend of Champions Night Two 4/29/06
How We Roll 5/12/06
Ring of Homicide 5/13/06
Destiny 6/3/06
In Your Face 6/17/06
Throwdown 6/23/06
Chi-Town Struggle 6/24/06
Death before Dishonor IV 7/15/06
War of the Wire II 7/28/06
Generation Now 7/29/06
Time to Man Up 8/4/06
Fight of the Century 8/5/06
Unified 8/12/06
Anarchy in UK 8/13/06
Epic Encounter II 8/25/06
Gut Check 8/26/06
Glory by Honor V Night One 9/15/06
Glory by Honor V Night Two 9/16/06
Survival of the Fittest 10/6/06
Motor City Madness 10/7/06(一部のみ)
Suffocation 10/27/06(一部のみ)
Irresistible Forces 10/28/06(一部のみ)
Honor Reclaims Boston 11/3/06
The Bitter End 11/4/06
Black Friday Fallout 11/24/06
Dethroned 11/25/06
The Chicago Spectacular Night One 12/8/06(一部のみ)
The Chicago Spectacular Night Two 12/9/06
International Challenge 12/22/06(一部のみ)
Final Battle 12/23/06