Best of AWA 1974
Best of AWA 1979
Best of AWA 1980
Best of AWA 1981
Best of AWA 1985
Best of AWA 1986
Wrestlerock 4/20/86
Super Clash III 12/13/88
◆Big Time Wrestling
Best of Big Timem Wrestling 1976
Best of Big Timem Wrestling 1979
◆CWF(Championshio Wrestling from Florida)
Jimmy Hart Classics Outtakes
Turnbuckle Memories Vol.1
Best of CWF 1972
Best of CWF 1983
◆GCW(Georgia Championship Wrestling)
Best of GCW 1983
◆Houston Wrestling
Best of Houston Wrestling 1977
Best of Houston Wrestling 1978
Best of Houston Wrestling 1979
Best of Houston Wrestling 1980
Best of Houston Wrestling 1981
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◆MACW(Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling)
Best of MACW 1977
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◆Mid South/UWF
Best of Mid South/UWF 1982
Best of Mid South/UWF 1983
Best of Mid South/UWF 1984
Best of Mid South/UWF 1985
Best of Mid South/UWF 1985 part.2
Best of Mid South/UWF 1986
Best of Mid South/UWF 1987
Giants,Heroes,Midgets,& Villains Vol.1
Giants,Heroes,Midgets,& Villains Vol.2
◆Memphis Wrestling
Strangest Matches & Wildest Brawls
Monday Night Memories
Jerry Lawler versus The Champions
The Best of Jerry Lawler versus Bill Dundee
Wrestling Gold Volume.4 No More Mr. Nice Guy
SCW Arena Match(1983)
Rock 'N' Roll Memphis
Memphis Mainstays
Best of Memphis part1
Best of Memphis part2
Don Owen Extravaganza 9/24/85
NWA All Stars vs. Charlotte Police
◆NWA Hollywood
Best of NWA Hollywood 1972
◆PNW(Pacific Northwest Wrestling)
Best of PNW 1980
The Best of Ric Flair The Nature Boy Disc 22
◆St. Louis
Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol.5
Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol.6
Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol.12
Best of WCCW 1982
Wrestling Star Wars 6/18/83
Best of WCCW 1983
David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions 5/6/84
Best of WCCW 1984
Parade of Champions 5/5/85
Best of WCCW 1985
Best of WCCW 1988
Best of WCCW 1989
◆Wrestling Classics
Jack Brisco in Japan